Physician Assistant

Physician’s Assistants specialize in a variety of health care settings with direct care of patients involving their diagnosis, treatment, patient education, follow up care and patient management. Some of their duties include:

  • Completing new patient history and physical examinations
  • First assisting in surgery
  • In-patient rounds
  • Initial evaluation of in-patient consultations
  • Presenting patients to supervising physician
  • Ordering diagnostic work-up, including laboratory and radiological studies
  • Developing treatment plans, including patient education
  • Coordinating care for in and out patients
  • Post-op follow up evaluations

Our Physician’s Assistants

  • Neha Mody, MPA, PA-C
  • Shannon E. Schellenberg, MPA, PA-C

Our Nurse Practitioners

  • Jaime Markham, ACNP-BC